meet Aaron Cooke, Jericho Kenobi Studio Owner & Voice Actor

Aaron Cooke (Jericho Kenobi) is the owner of Jericho Kenobi Studio and the webmaster of

Aaron has over 20 years experience in voice acting, audio engineering, and studio ownership. He has worked with over 250 of the world’s greatest people and businesses and has won the NYC Voice Acting Excellence award in 2015-2019.

Aaron is rated 5 stars on and tutors young voice actors through the creation of demos and connections with industry influencers.

Industry Leaders love Jericho Kenobi Studio

Jericho Kenobi Studio
& Aaron Cooke

As a voice over actor, voice talent, studio owner, and audio engineer… I spend most of my days behind a microphone or in front of a computer.

Voice Over Recording

Jericho Kenobi Studio has a $50,000 VOXbox, which is a state-of-the-art voice over recording chamber. It houses over $25,000 in modern and vintage microphones, and a completely noise-free environment in which our voice talent does its thing!

Audio Engineering

As much as I love recording voice overs, as I've gotten older I've found it just as much fun to do the technical side of voice recording. Understanding how to create great audio recordings is a science that has taken me 20 years to learn.

Voice Over Connections

We can't forget about the business side, so I don't! I enjoy connecting industry influencers and leaders with up-and-coming voice talent across the country and globe. I also love creating demos and sharing them across our digital platforms.

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